Commercial vehicle insurance

All vehicles need to be insured, including those used for business. And there are many other factors to consider, like the goods you are carrying and how often the vehicles are in use.

Whether you have heavy vehicles, minivans, tractors or cars, there is insurance designed for your needs. Ask us to help you find the right one and you could save a lot of money.

As always, we go the distance with you.

Garage operator insurance

Many businesses are entrusted with vehicles belonging to others. Garage operators are the first that come to mind, but there are also restaurants and hotels with valet service, car washes, towing companies and even used vehicle dealers.

If your work involves being responsible for vehicles that aren’t yours, you need garage operator insurance. This insurance also covers your own vehicles. Various policy types exist. Talk to your broker for more information and make sure your clients can keep trusting you.

Get pro tips and save money

Does your business have vehicles on the road or care for vehicles that aren’t yours? Our insurance brokers can save you headaches by recommending the right products for your needs. Your budget will thank you!