Plan your finances and investments

A solid financial situation starts with careful planning. Financial security is an important issue at every stage of your life.

Even if you are just starting your professional career, you should already start thinking ahead if you want a comfortable retirement. When you’re more advanced in your field, you’re that much closer to retiring, so it’s time to invest a little more to make sure you reach your goal.

At AccèsConseil, our team includes financial planners, financial security advisors and group savings plan representatives. Call on us to get recommendations for your needs and the results you want.

Reach your goals with strong financial planning

We offer dynamic, ongoing support while taking your circumstances into account. Good financial planning is the first step toward a healthy financial future.

By taking the time to draft an action plan with your advisor, you’ll get on track to reach your goals. There are several ways to make it happen—find out which one is best for you.

Whatever happens along the way, our advisors will be there to make sure you hit your targets.

Plan your retirement with the right RRSP and RRIF products

Do you dream of retiring comfortably? Let us help. Once you’ve determined your main objective, we will work with you to set up an investment strategy that aligns with your desired retirement age and the salary you expect to earn.

Our strength is helping you determine your needs and reach your goals.

Learn more about taxation and investments

Investment and taxation—these are two words that no one likes to hear in the same sentence.

Since your investments are unique, our recommendations are too. Choosing between an RRSP and a TFSA is not always easy to do. We will direct you to the right investment, depending on how you feel about the variability of returns and other factors. We’ll also give you sound advice when it’s time to withdraw your investments.

How will you use your shares, bonds and cash on a day-to-day basis? Now is the time to create your personalized portfolio. Our advisors can help you get the returns you need to make your plans a reality while avoiding variations as much as possible.

Make informed decisions about life and health insurance

Risks can threaten your financial situation, but four can be covered by life and health insurance:

  • death (life insurance)
  • disability (disability insurance)
  • illness (critical illness insurance)
  • loss of autonomy (long-term care insurance)

We will assess the probabilities of these risks and the consequences for you. In order to offer you the right level of coverage, we will also look at your current insurance policies, income, health status, dependents and obligations.

Ultimately, you decide if you would like to cover these risks or not. We will always find you the best solutions for your budget, and explain them in clear, simple terms.

Finance your children’s education by choosing the right RESP

If your children want to achieve their dreams, they will need your support. A registered education savings plan (RESP) is a smart solution because you’ll receive a government subsidy equivalent to 30% of the money you contribute.

Also, any investment returns are tax-free with RESPs. The government support and gains are payable to your children, but the capital is returned to you so that it can be invested in your RESP or TFSA.

AccèsConseil can help you understand how education savings work and find the best investments for your budget and plans.

Finance your children’s education